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Single Corrugating Machine SF10


Single Corrugating Machine SF10

Single Corrugating Machine SF10

technical parameter

Diameter of Corrugated Roller (Upper Roller)% c280mm

Motor power 5.5KW-7.5KW

Diameter of Corrugated Roller (Lower Roller)% c280mm

Mechanical speed 100m/min

Sizing roller diameter% c215mm

Heat source steam

Slurry Control Roller Diameter% C125 mm

Effective width 900-1800mm

Construction of Corrugating Machine Pipe System

Mainly is the automatic control system of corrugater production line. Its function is to improve production efficiency, collect production data, improve product quality and reduce wastage. It should have the following basic functions.

Automatic Receiving and Returning Orders

Automatically receiving scheduled orders by ERP system can improve production efficiency and accuracy. Recycling production data to ERP system is conducive to further analysis of these data, such as machine operation rate, loss analysis, order tracking, etc