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Single Corrugating Machine SF20


Corrugating machine price is reasonable and worth choosing

technical parameter

Diameter of Corrugated Roller (Upper Roller)% c320mm

Motor power 22KW-30KW

Diameter of Corrugated Roller (Lower Roller)% c340mm

Mechanical speed 200 m/min

Sizing roller diameter% c246mm

Heat source steam

Slurry control roll diameter% c150mm

Calender roll diameter% c320mm

Effective width 1600 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm

At present, although the domestic carton industry is in a surging environment, some areas are in the stage of integration. But from the development point of view, it is inevitable to take the automation route. From the supplier's point of view, the market of corrugater production management system is relatively large. But what they will do is to better develop and improve the health management system so as to meet the requirements of Xinjiang factory and bring its characteristics into full play. For carton factories, we should grasp the trend, cater to the market, base ourselves on, put more efficient equipment into production, improve production and reduce losses, and occupy a place in the competition. I believe this is the general trend for the whole carton industry.