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Chuanglian Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. teaches you how to choose corrugated base paper

Time: 2019-01-14 13:50:39 Copyfrom: 无锡市创联包装机械制造有限公司

In order to make corrugated cardboard not only meet the quality requirements, but also reasonable cost, it is necessary to correctly select corrugated base paper and box cardboard. The selection of the two is mainly considered from two aspects: quality selection and quantitative selection.

(1) Quality Selection

Generally, corrugated base paper and carton board with similar quality grade should be selected to produce corrugated board, such as grade A and B carton board, grade A corrugated base paper should be selected as far as possible; grade D and E carton board can choose grade C and D corrugated base paper. The corrugated board made of high strength box board and low grade corrugated base paper is easy to corrugate and has low flat compression strength. The improper matching of grades or quality does not meet the requirements of the contract, or causes waste of raw materials and unreasonable cost.


(2) Quantitative selection

Practice shows that it is better to maintain the quantitative ratio of general carton board to corrugated base paper in the range of 2:1. If the quantity of corrugated base paper is too low relative to that of carton board, it will change the tooth shape of corrugated cardboard after bonding, from circular arc to rectangular structure, which will affect the thickness, edge pressure strength and cushioning performance of corrugated cardboard. If the quantity of corrugated base paper is too high and the quantity of low carton board is matched, the surface of corrugated cardboard will be uneven and bright. The prominent corrugated stripes affect the appearance and printing effect.

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