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Single Corrugating Machine SF-15


Product Name: Single Corrugating Machine SF15

Single Corrugating Machine SF15

technical parameter

Diameter of Corrugated Roller (Upper Roller)  % c300mm

Motor power 7.5-11KW

Diameter of corrugated roll (lower roll)  % c300mm

Mechanical speed 150 m/min

Sizing roller diameter  % c215mm

Heat source steam

Slurry Control Roller Diameter  % c124mm

Effective width 900-1800mm

Corrugating machine production management system is a kind of computer control system used to assist the automatic production of corrugating machine. It uses precise sensor (SENSOR) and fast calculation of computer to detect and control the equipment of corrugating machine in a series of ways at an appropriate time, and simulates manual operation. These controls include speed adjustment, clearance adjustment, paste adjustment, raw material and so on. It is used to save manpower, increase production, reduce wastage, and then achieve the purpose of planned production. Simple can be considered as a set of computer equipment used in corrugated cardboard production line to assist each operator, improve production efficiency and reduce wastage.